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Why the Duck?

The Capel River, adjacent to Capel Vale winery is home to many species of waterfowl, including the protected Sheldrake, or native Mountain Duck. When the Pratten family originally planted the vines in 1974, the Mountain Ducks constantly surrounded them, reminding them of their presence whilst they work. The banks of the Capel River were deliberately untouched to allow the ducks to maintain their natural habitat and can still be seen today, squawking merrily along their way.

"symbolise what Capel Vale is all about"

Ducks are social animals, and adopt those around them as family and flock. In choosing this space as a place to create Capel Vale wines, the Pratten family knew that these ducks had to symbolise what Capel Vale is all about. For almost four decades, the quacking of generations of Sheldrakes have reminded the Prattens and all those that visit Capel Vale, that they are part of something very special.

The male Sheldrake possesses the exuberant orange band and is one of the only times we dare say that the male will outshine the female form!


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